AstroFIt2 will be supervised during its entire duration by a dedicated Programme Board. The Board will have the responsibility of the programme correct implementation and will be composed by 4 members, articulated according to the following criteria, which shall also respect gender balance:

  • the AstroFIt2 scientific responsible
  • the INAF Scientific Director (or his delegate)*
  • two components with experience in supervising young research fellows, handling large research programmes or managing administrative issues related to EC programmes.

The AstroFIt2 Board has been nominated by the INAF President (decree 58/2015, Aug 6th 2015), and its composition is as follows:

  • Giuseppe Malaguti – Programme Scientific responsible (INAF/IASF-Bologna, Director of Research)
  • Giuseppina Micela – Chair of the Board (INAF/OA-Palermo, Director of Research)*
  • Chiara Guccione – INAF International Affair Unit representative
  • Massimo Turatto – INAF/OA-Padova, Director of Research

* Delegated by the Scientific Director with Decree n. 2/2015, June 10 2015.